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    Wrap Party for Barefoot Travel Documentary

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    After a three month filming schedule blew out to a six month affair, the Barefoot Travel team were happy to be back on home soil after an epic cross country cycling adventure through India. It’s not easy to put together an independent documentary, so as the doco moves into post production, the crew felt they…

  • Ozmap
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    The State of Media in Australia

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    With the continuous changes of all sectors of the media sphere, come many opportunities as well as challenges. Globalization, the ‘electronic domination’ of core countries over peripheral areas (e.g. influence of America’s Hollywood content which is evident globally and has thus resulted in the spread of such cultural norms and values), convergence, the blurring of…

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    The Aussie Actor ‘A’ List for 2014

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    Who, of the rising male Aussie actors in 2014 will find themselves amongst the list of globally-renown Australian stars in Hollywood, joining the likes of Hemsworth, Crowe, Jackman and Worthington? Well, here are the names to keep an eye out for: 1)       Calan McAuliffe (19): You have probably seen this young star in films like…

  • Festive People at Splendour

    Festival Clothing Trends – Summer ’14/’15

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    An energetic vibrancy fills the air as the cold days of winter are forgotten. Its chilly mornings have been replaced by the warmth of spring; cloudless, blue skies and beautiful, sunny days. Mother nature is celebrating as the birds sing and the flowers come to bloom, and she is not the only one getting excited….